Monday, 2 July 2018

"Dont Trust This Chef": Silly Stories

WALT: write a narrative story using descriptive language.

Mr Goodwin sat down to order his first Deep Dish Pizza. Only the chef had something different in mind for Mr Goodwin’s pizza. Instead of the usual ingredients like cheese, tomato, and ham. The Chef instead used the most hottest peppers ever! They were called..the Carolina reapers!

They looked like a dryed up pepper, some people even complained that they should never trust the chef that makes the Pizza, NEVER. Mr Goodwin didn't care what others said, he just thought about the delicious Pizza he was about to have. "Do you think he has the guts to eat that Pizza, Russell ?" Mrs Burt says, "Why yes dear, he is a man isn't he?" Mr Burt says, "Well okay then." Mrs Burt then replies.

The chef has finished making the Pizza for Mr Goodwin, he sets it in front of the hungry man looking in awe. "WOW! This Pizza looks great! Thanks Chef!" Mr Goodwin says, "Why your very welcome sir." The chef then smirks and walks back into the kitchen. Mr Goodwin grabs a piece and looks at it in wonder, you could be sure to see sparkles when you looked into his eyes.

He takes a big bite and..."AHH! THIS IS SO HOT!!" Mr Goodwin Yells in pain in the taste of the beautiful sight he thought was going to be the pizza OF HIS LIFE. His face turns red like a ripe tomato.
"WELL NOW I KNOW TO NEVER COME HERE AGAIN!" Mr Goodwin stands up and leaves the Pizza Place slamming the door behind him "SLAM!". He finds a water fountain and drinks the water so fast, it could have been done! Mr Goodwin stops for a breather "In and Out, In and Out, In and Out, In and OUT!" Mr Burt and Mrs Burt are speechless. Since they were out shopping, they expected Mr Goodwin to be good while they were gone. Guess they can't trust him to be alone anymore!

" thats better" Sighs Mr Goodwin, "I think somethings in my eye" he whimpers. His eyes start to get teary, "Lets just go back to the hotel Mr Burt, I dont want to be near this pizza place" Mr Burt, Mrs Burt, and Mr Goodwin get into the car leave the horrifiying place and arrive safely to their hotel. "I will be sure to get my revenge on that Chef." Says Mr Goodwin evily.


Task Description: For todays task I have done a silly story about Mr Goodwin's trip to Chicago. In this task I made a story about Mr Goodwin's first Deep Dish Pizza. It was a fun story to write, I really loved it. I hope you enjoy my story, Thank You!

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