Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Cave Art: Animation 2018

Task Description:

This term's inquiry is Te Wa Toi. This animation this year is based on cave men days. I hope you enjoy my animation for 2018.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

The great starting of Term Four!

WALT: Use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Today is finally the day where the great break of the holidays end! It’s the start of Term 4 and we have alot of amazing things that may happen through out the rest of the good term. I guess no more wasted nights playing fortnite huh?

This term is so exciting! We have many exciting things, we have our Manaiakalani Film Festival (Hopefully coming soon throughout the term), Atheletics, we have reports, our year 6 camp, and heaps more! Im mostly really excited for Atheletics.

My goal this term is to get good at art. Mostly drawing since im on a bit of a low standard when it comes to it, well not really but I just want to learn more on how I can become better. 

I really hope to learn about famous artists, like Vincient Van Goh and Picassio. I want to learn the meanings behind there famous paintings and also why they became so well known within the kind of work they did.

Overall I think Term four is going to be really awesome. Of course i’ve said that theres alot of exciting things that are going to happen, like the film festival, reports, camp, also that im really looking forward to atheletics, I have two goals that I am focused on, and that I want to learn about famous artists and why they are well known to the kind of work they do. I can feel that Term four is going to be really amazing!

Task description: 
For this task today we wrote about the new term, we wrote some goals, events that are going to happen and also what we would really like to learn. We also learnt how to write a proper conclusion. I found it very injoyable to write this piece of work, it's very difficult to write good words through making a good sentence, and also put up some goals that I wanted to acheive

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per Minute: Maths Task Term 3

WALT: Analyse data and display data using a graph.

Task Description: Today in Room 7 we have done a typing test. We had to write a whole lot of words as we could write in about one minute. We analysed and used a graph. Using data in a graph was really hard, my score was 31.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Monster Descriptions: Ickis and Anglerfish man!

WALT: Write Descriptively.

Task Description: Today we have been learning to be descriptive. We learned to describe what things or as in here monsters look like. It was very fun to write since we could name it anything! 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

The big rubbish clean up: Term 3 recount

WALT: Structure a recount

Rubbish pickups are not interesting at all, but today it was so different. It seems like doing a yucky job could be actually Fun. Don’t you think?

It all started in the morning when I sat down in the classroom. I hear my teacher blabbing about stuff, when he then tells us we have go pick up rubbish at the reserve and then right after that do a recount. From then heaps of thoughts were in my head “Aren't recounts boring?” “Ughh why do we have to pick up rubbish!” “Boring~” . We lined up in a kind of squiggley line outside the porch.  Our first location was a little space on the reserve. Mr Goodwin blew his whistle signalling us to go! We started screaming like crazy picking up rubbish as we went. I picked up some plastic and some chip packets and put them into the bag. After we finished on both of the reserve spaces we `\moved on into picking up rubbish on one of our school fields. There was so much rubbish! We were a bit embarrased so we had to work hard at picking it all up. I picked up again some plastic, loads of paper, and even loads of cracker packets on the playground.

Finally we were finished! We all came and sat down in our group lines. We all looked at our bag getting excited and nervous about who would win. I bragged a little to everyone next to me “Your bag looks little, our bag looks the fullest. Haha!” Mr Goodwin said Haare was going to be a jugder of our bags. She picked up my groups bag after judging another group that was next to us, I constantly kept thinking getting nervous and getting more and more curious “Hmm your bag looks pretty full. She shook the bag looking inside it “yep good looking rubbish too.” I felt so proud. She looked through the rest of the teams bags and saw some intresting things like: Bark, Jandals, Socks and heaps other stuff. It was finally time for the results! She explained that it was really hard to pick the best team, I crossed my fingers and hoped for my team to win…”And to my concern my team won! "10 minutes of Cool Maths Games it is!" Mr Goodwin yelled.

Overall I really loved this experience, I loved being with my friends having fun and working hard as a team. I would really love to do these kind of things throughout the term again. Yes. I would recommend to do this with friends since you could have a lot of fun making challenges, and being commpetitive between others.

Task Description: For todays task I learned to structure a recount. I also went on an adventure of a big rubbish clean up! It was really fun since we had a prize too. You can help your community too by picking up rubbish. Thank you for reading my story!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Exercise is wise!

Walt: find relevant information in the text.

Task Description: For this task I have put in ways on how I keep Fit, Keep my muscles strong, and a ways I keep flexible! What are some exercises you like to do? Make sure to be drinking heaps of water and eat heaps of healthy foods, and most importantly keep Fit!

Friday, 27 July 2018

The start of Term 3!

Walt: Use exciting language.
Today is officially the first day of Term 3! Our new topic is called, Move ya’ Body! Sounds really cool, right? 
                                        What this terms theme is:
Move ya’ body, our schools new theme mostly looks like it's based on a health and Fitness realm. I thought this since our Principal Mr Burt (Beyonce Burt), danced really crazy during the start of our WSA (Whole School Assembly). It sounds like a great topic to learn about!
         What I think Team 4 is going to learn about/ What I thought about the movie:
Team 4 students this term, are going to learn how to make exercise amusing! The movie we watched was a-bit funny and quirky, which made it look like we were about to learn something amazing this term! The most laughable part of the movie is when my teacher Mr Goodwin never gets a team high five with the other teachers in Team 4. Haha!
                     What I want to learn about this term/ hope to learn this term:
I really want to learn about how to keep safe while doing exercise, since some of us people don't think of what some exercises can really have effect on hurting your body . I want to learn how to be thoughtful of what kind of exercises I should do to keep me healthy and I really want it to be fun so I can do it a lot of times because in my opinion, I think some exercises are really kinda boring.
                              What I think of the term theme overall:
Overall I think the new Term theme is really stunning, it takes place on how to keep us fit, healthy, hydrated, motivated and..heaps other stuff.  
Task Description: This week I have written a story, about thoughts on the new theme this term. It is a nice way to start the term. Welcome Back!