Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Learning about identity - Making Masks: Writing

What people think of me when they first meet me!

Some people have different perspectives of others. Like me. Some people think i’m more open minded and think im more of a creative person. But if a person really knew me they would know..  
I’m really weird! Like honestly i’m really weird. I could be running heaps of fields by all the energy I have. It’s crazy! Identity defines alot of things. Identity defines who you are, and it also defines your emotions! Emotions are key things that define who you are the most.

Something Alive - Reading

WALT: ask questions about a text to support our understanding of it

Task Description: In week 3, We had been learning to ask heaps of questions that help us more to understand the meaning of a text.

Rise Up! - Reading

WALT: identify key words and phrases to summarise a text

Task Description: In week 8, we read storys to understand about identity. We had to use alot of key words we found in the story, and then use those words to make a summary. 

The Trial - Reading

WALT: read fluently and with expression to support my understanding of a text

Task Description: Last week, we had been learning to understand a message behind a story. 

Happy New Year! - Reading

WALT: make predictions about a text

Task Description: In week 2, we had been learning about making predictions about a text. 

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Time word problems - Maths

WALT: Use known strategies to work out time lapse word problems

Test Practice - Maths

WALT: do our best at the test by practising word problems

Task Description: In week four, we had been learning to get our minds ready for the maths test we did. In maths tests, there are alot of things we may all not know so our teacher had made us problems, using measurement, multiplication and some others.