Friday, 11 August 2017

Earths natural resources

Hmmmmmm… do you ever think about the earth's natural resources? I do, today I will tell you all about  natural resources and why they are important. So what are natural resources?  Natural resources are things in nature, they are very important in life. So why are they so important? Natural resources are important because it gives us humans life.

First is air, we need air to breathe. So how does this resource help support life? This resource is one of the most important resource because without air we wouldn't breathe. Next is plants. we need plants to eat. So how does this resource help support life? This is important to because we need plants for oxygen.

OK this is the final one, water. We need water to drink. This resource helps with life because without water we would be dehydrated and tired. Did you know that you can lose water in your body from just breathing? Yes I know it so fascinating.

This is the end of my story. Let me tell you three things before I go, one If we didn't have these kind of resources we wouldn't be able  to survive. Two we all need to look after these resources and three.........TEAMWORK!!!

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  1. hi Chance this is your best friend who left and moved to Manurewa. It's me jasmine!!!. I loved how you describe what and how does natural resources helps us. Keep up the amazing work. see you when I can.