Thursday, 22 October 2015

Navy band

Today a Navy band came to our school.They done some tunes from some movies they were,spongebob,karate movies and also my favourite songs!.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


In class time when it is maths Miss Va’afusuaga sets up some cones.Sometimes with Mr Moran.

She even puts balls, socks and hoops out.She also puts out cricket bats!

What we do in P.E, which is physical education, we play the first game that's on a paper.The games we played were rob the nest, cricket,  practising overarm, underarm throwing,hoops and my favourite game rounders!

My best part of P.E is playing rob the nest. What I like about rob the nest is stealing the balls. Also I felt extremely happy because we get points for our class. We might win with our points because at the end of the end of P.E the class with the most points wins.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My best holiday

Wow! What an exciting day I had on Tuesday.  I went to a waterfall! The waterfall was in the Hunua ranges we had to walk there. It was a long way. I went with my family and had some lunch.

The best thing that happened was that there were ducks and also the best part there were jumping fish! The jumping fish were brown, some were blue and also some were black!. I felt so amazed.

I felt so excited when my family and myself took off our shoes and took some photos.Oh  guess what the waterfall was 24cm!. You are not allowed to swim in the waterfall because people in the olden days did not respect it they would throw rubbish,oil,and also dirty paper it took a long time to get the rubbish out.but as I said it was a long time ago so I wasn't there.