Friday, 11 December 2015

My award

I won a award at the school prize giving yesterday. I won it for doing a outstanding performance in the school production.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Chirstmas poem

Film festival

On Wednesday our whole class went on a adventure to Sylvia park. 12 schools came to the manaiakalani film festival to watch the presenters present their movie.

When we walked into the theatre I saw a swarm of chairs. The screen was as tall as Mr Blakey and as big as a dinosaur. Also there were big lamps shining over us. The red chairs were as comfy as a marshmallow and the sound was loud. I couldn't hear anything at all!

We watched movies made by our school. When I saw myself on the big screen I felt embarrassed because hundreds of people were watching me. Also when I was on stage I felt so shy I couldn't move. Also for the whole day I felt so happy I bursted out with fun!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


This is my dinosaur picture.It is a brachiosaurus. It can reach up to long trees.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Navy band

Today a Navy band came to our school.They done some tunes from some movies they were,spongebob,karate movies and also my favourite songs!.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


In class time when it is maths Miss Va’afusuaga sets up some cones.Sometimes with Mr Moran.

She even puts balls, socks and hoops out.She also puts out cricket bats!

What we do in P.E, which is physical education, we play the first game that's on a paper.The games we played were rob the nest, cricket,  practising overarm, underarm throwing,hoops and my favourite game rounders!

My best part of P.E is playing rob the nest. What I like about rob the nest is stealing the balls. Also I felt extremely happy because we get points for our class. We might win with our points because at the end of the end of P.E the class with the most points wins.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My best holiday

Wow! What an exciting day I had on Tuesday.  I went to a waterfall! The waterfall was in the Hunua ranges we had to walk there. It was a long way. I went with my family and had some lunch.

The best thing that happened was that there were ducks and also the best part there were jumping fish! The jumping fish were brown, some were blue and also some were black!. I felt so amazed.

I felt so excited when my family and myself took off our shoes and took some photos.Oh  guess what the waterfall was 24cm!. You are not allowed to swim in the waterfall because people in the olden days did not respect it they would throw rubbish,oil,and also dirty paper it took a long time to get the rubbish out.but as I said it was a long time ago so I wasn't there.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Firefighter David

Fire trucks are like a moving tool box. In the fire truck they carry some special tools like a pick -axe to break the door, a long hose to stop the fire, and a first aid kit to carry for if someone is injured.

I would like to be a firefighter because it looks fun and you make new friends and also you get to go on scary missions.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fire Fighter

One hen

Kojo is a hard working boy from Ghana,who is really poor.When his father past away he had to help his mother.Also Kojo is enterprising.When his mother receives a loan from some village families,she gives a little money to her son.with the money Kojo decides to buy one hen.Also when Kojo brought the hen the hen layer some eggs.What he did with the eggs is he sold some eggs and ate some eggs.Kojo sells his eggs and buys more hens.Kojo studies at school for six months,He wanted to buy him a chicken farm so he went to the bank to get him a loan.Kojo started a trust that gives out small loans to people who cannot get a loan from a bank. Kojo sold some eggs to help them. Also he implored them and gave them a job to make them earn money.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The secret world of dust mites

This is a picture of a dust mite.Here is two things I learnt under the dust mite

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Robin Hood

Long,long ago there lived a outlaw called Robin hood .He lived in Sherwood Forest in a town called Nottingham.It was not a great time that the sheriff of Nottingham told his men that he wanted to capture the outlaws and put them in prison because they were taking all the money from the rich!! So the sheriff wanted to hold an archery contest.Now it time to start the archery and all the archers were ready to arch on! The archers shot the arrow and they shot on the outer circle!.Now it was Robin Hoods turn and he broke two arrows that were shot from another archer that shot it.When he was done he stole a trophy that was sitting on a table so he ran away and went back home.When he was home he showed his friends the trophy and they ad a great big feast.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My Rainy day activities

These are my rainy day activities I made the mask with a cereal box and I used string for my nose my mask was supposed to be a cat mask but so I just done it my way now on the next activity do you see some white suff on a peg? Well I can see it I will tell you what it is it is it is it is doll house people! And I Know that you can see a board game to.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Once upon a time there was a rich man who had a beautiful daughter called Ella she was heartbroken because her mother had just died.After a few passed years Ella's father married an crule old woman that had two mean daughters.

The next day Cinderella and the two ugly sisters found an invitation from the mailbox.It said that awthe king was going to hold a grand ball.The two ugly sisters were jumped with excitment.But the sisters thought for a minute they thought that Cinderella would make them some dresses.Then Cinderella thoughtfully said I'm going to go to the ball.and the mother said but you have all of these chores to do  so Cinderellas jobs were done she got another job to do!.After she done all of it Cinderella got locked in her room!she had some pet birds and some mouses and they found the key in she wisperly said I wish I could go to the ball.and suddenly some glitter filled over Cinderella. And a voice said I am your fairy god mother and Cinderella said fairy godmother you showed up then the fairy godmother said of course I would come I'm your fairy godmother then Cinderella chatted again and said can you help me go to the ball and then the fairy god mother said that's why I'm here Cinderella,and Cinderella said oh.So the fairy godmother turned a big pumpkin into a coach and she turned six grey mice into six grey horses and she nearly forgot about cinderellas dress so she told Cinderella to turn around and her whole raged clothes turned into a beautiful gemed sparkly dress by the time she was all done the fairy god mother told Cinderella that she had to leave the ball at twelve so she went to the ball and by the time she went through the door the prince was amazed by her beauty and then the prince took cinderellas hand and they danced all night that she even forgot to look at the clock!!! But by the time the music stopped the clock went pinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng! Then Cinderella said I have to go now and the prince finally said but why? Cinderella did not answer his question and she left and one of her beautiful glass slippers got off and then the magic spell broke off and she had to walk back home and she had one of the glass slipper so she carried it home by the time she was home Cinderella saw the ugly two sisters had a stern look at Cinderella and they asked Cinderella if she went to the ball and Cinderella shook her head and then said I did not go to the ball.Then someone slammed the door open it was the prince!and then the prince said someone was dancing with me but I want you three to try this slipper so the two ugly sisters forced their big foot feet into the glass slipper but it did not fit them so Cinderella said may I try the shoe? And the prince said yes so Cinderella slipped her little foot into the glass slipper and it fit! So the prince took Cinderella back to the palace and the prince asked Cinderella if would marry him and with a smile Cinderella said yes and they lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


This is my work that I done in class it was divisions.this was a equation that I done.there were fifteen coins and there were three pirates so I had to share them. I tried my best to find the answer then I got it.It was five!.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

PE Style

I made this movie with my friends in year 3 extension. The first thing we did was to write new words to Taylor Swift's song - Style. Then we had to record ourselves singing. Finally we were able to make our very own MTV.

Friday, 12 June 2015

The delivering coffee bike

This is my project called the delivering coffee bike.How it works is you type in the persons name and there address and twirl the Handle and put it in a cup and then the coffee goes to the persons house.

My contractions

I've been learning what contractions are in my class check out what I've done.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Frozen ice

Jack Frost came on his frost bike and drove to Pt England school. Room 15 went outside to take some photos. I took a picture of a wet shining spider web.  Some wet rain made the sparkly shining spider web look clean.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maui and the sun

A long time ago Maui and his brave brothers travelled all over aotearoa.They saw a yellow burning sun in the sky.The sun was going too fast so Maui and his brothers couldn't fish and hunt. So they had an idea, Maui and his brothers will make flax rope to slow down the sun. But Maui's brothers just laughed and laughed and said, '' you are ridiculous, we can't make the sun slow down. '' Maui said, ''yes we can well make flax rope and try to make the sun go slow so we can fish and hunt." They hid behind a enormous rock. Then the sun said, ''when I call now jump out and pull as hard as you can." So the sun said ''NOW!'' So Maui's brothers jumped out and pulled as hard as they could but the sun said ''STOP! STOP! you'll kill me!''

So the brothers let go of the ropes and let the sun free so the sun slowed down. Then the brave brothers could fish and hunt.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Colour poem

My colour is peach

Peach tastes like juicy peaches that you can eat in summer.

Peach smells like sweet juicy peaches.

Peach sounds like peaches falling off the tree.

Peach feels soft and sometimes makes me itchy.

Peach looks like little bouncy balls that jump high.

Peach is peach perfect.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Lashing rain

Extreme weather rushed into Auckland and it is going to pour in upper North Island so everyone has to stay inside and have a cup of coffee if you want and in upper North Island the trees might blow stay inside everyone.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


I am going to tell you all about my character that I picked and his name is Baymax.he looks like a marshmallow and when you say oww he will come out of a little suitcase and say hello I am Baymax your personal healthcare companion. My favourite part is how hiro makes his friends superheroes.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The new princess

Prince George has a new baby sister.The baby's name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana . The baby was born on Saturday 2 May 2015 in London. When Prince George arrived he was happy that it was a baby Is a beautiful baby girl.charlotte is a cute name.

Friday, 1 May 2015

The harmony boat car

I have made a invention called the harmony boat car why I called it the harmony boat car is that a boat and a car pasted together then you add harmony and the and it makes the harmony boat car.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Anzac Day

We celebrate Anzac Day so we can remember the people that died in the war.

Finger puppets

Yesterday we made finger puppets for technology.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hokulea landed

Last Wednesday room 15 saw two beautiful waka's. There names were Hokulea and hikianalia. hikianalia. After it came there was a little white boat that had some people in it. The water was so calm when they came in. After all of the people came in we sang we so loud that my ears nearly popped! We had so much fun.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School picnic

Last Friday it was the school picnic. When it was playtime I went to the park. At the park I went on the flying fox. My mum wasn't there because she had a sore foot but at least my brother was there. Then I felt so hungry that I had some chips in my lunchbox. Then Mr Burt said ''year 3 can swim now,'' so they all went swimming. After that there was a karaoke. Me and Marika were going to do it but it was too late. Then we all had to go, it was so cool. The speakers were big.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Flying Butterfly

Class 15's monaroh butterfly flew off to find a safe place to lay it's eggs.

The Beautiful Classroom Butterfly

The bright orange butterfly burst out of the dark ugly chysalis.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How I lost my teeth

Hi my name is Chance and this is my story of how I lost my teeth so this how it goes. It was one dark night and my mum told me to go to sleep so I went to my bed.Then I twisted my two front teeth, but when I twisted my two front teeth I said... “MUM! My two front teeth fell OUT!” I was so shocked so I ran to the bathroom like a flash and mum said, “stop freaking out,” but I said “I CANT...I CANT...I CAN’T.” The end.

Monday, 2 February 2015

All About Me

My name is Chance I like the colour pink. I have seven brothers and three sisters. My pets name is Lassie. My favourite things to do with her are playing with her and doing tricks with her. My favourite food is chocolate ice cream.