Thursday, 22 September 2016

Let's Go Eels

On a cold windy day, 20 people from the pavilion went to visit the Omaru creek in Glen Innes. We saw rubbish and sandwich bags around and in the creek, we knew that the creek was not healthy.

Next we went to Tusitala to wait for Robin. Robin is an author, she wrote Let's go eels. When we met her we learnt different greetings from different countries for a warm up. The next activity we done was who am I, It was a fun game to play, it helped me learn about different sea creatures.

The next activity we done was in the hall, we were learning about where Eels live and what scare them away. There was one activity that was my favourite, it was saving the Eel activity, it helped me learn about how Eels can get stuck in many different ways like getting stuck in plastic bags, trolleys, and heaps of other things.

The community can help their sea creatures if they don't litter and throw rubbish

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