Friday, 2 September 2016

Fathers Day

Happy fathers day dad you are the best dad in the world!!!


  1. I Chance And your You inspired people dance. Keep it on

  2. Hi chance your movie so intertained me when i watched it your moves are so amazing.

  3. KIA Ora Chance your movie is so interesting because of your cool moves. You inspired people dance. Keep it up. What was your favourite of making the movie?
    Love form Tia and Varnce.

  4. kia Ora chance it is Cora and Jazzlle. We really love your movie about your fathers day. It was really amazing how you put the movie together. It looked good when you all do your own dances. It was cool when Lagi did the whip and nae nae. How did you feel when you were making your movie?

    From Cora and Jazzlle.