Friday, 4 November 2016

The bush walk

Once there were three boys. They were named Michael, Jordan, and Zac. One day the three boys went for a bush walk. While they were walking they saw something glowing in a bush. So they went to see what the glowing thing was. They looked into the bush and their found a shiny box, “ I wonder what is in this box “ said Michael “ me too” said Zac so then they opened up the box. When they opened it up  there was a little map, so they grabbed the map out, on the map was an x mark right in the corner, they thought “ maybe there is treasure?”, so they set off to look what the mystery was going to be. They went through some trees, passed some bushes, climbed up some mountains when suddenly they found a little x mark right under there feet!! They were so happy to see that they had found the x mark, so quickly they dug up the x mark as fast as they could. After they had dug up the x mark they found a big treasure chest,  they decided to opened  up the treasure to see what was inside. Inside were 3 golden bars. They shared them out to each other and took them home. It was a big journey for them. THE END.

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