Friday, 8 July 2016

My Artwork

Creating my artwork I felt proud because I have been working on it for weeks. I have been managing my work and I have been trying my best to make my artwork look amazing. 

The best part of painting was using the neon colours and planning  my art.  I mostly loved vividering and painting dots with white paint.

What I found hard was that I had too much little white spaces in my artwork that I had to be so careful of painting. What I didn't like was that people kept on distracting me that I could not do my work. 

What I can do better next time is that I can make my shapes not that small so I can paint through them nicely. I can also take my time and not rush. 

The most interesting thing that my friend Eden did is that when she had little patterns she just found a way to make it look great. The most interesting thing that I did is that when I did vividering it made my art stand out. 

What I learnt most about my painting is not to put too much paint onto your bush and not too put little detail onto your paper. I also learnt how to draw lightly. 

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  1. fakalofa lai atu Chance, nice work with your artwork. We love the different colours that you used in your artwork. Did you enjoy doing your artwork? What do you like about your artwork? Your artwork really inspired us.

    Fro Lillyana and Quincess.