Saturday, 23 June 2018

"THE FLOOR IS DIRTY": Fun Writing Task


Kalyn Ponga
Floor Is very very dirty?
Concert Stage

Why today is a lovely day, don't you think? Why I think it is. Kalyn Ponga is getting ready to go onto a stage to do a fansign event. “Oh no, the floor is very VERY dirty.” Kalyn says quietly. Some of his fans know that he is allergic to dust or dirt, or do they? “Your on in 30 seconds Kalyn, get ready” says his manager.

Kalyn takes a deep breath before walking onto the stage, the fans scream his name chanting together. “KALYN! KALYN! KALYN!” He smiles whilst looking at his wonderful fans, he feels a big sneeze coming on and "ACHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!, ACHOOOOOOO!!!!"

Kalyn freezes and the fans see a little patch starting to show from his pants, "LOOK HE PEED HIS PANTS!!" One of the fans shout. They all start to laugh while Kalyn is does nothing but stand there looking like nothing happened. he thinks "WHY DID YOU DO COME HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE KALYN, YOU SHOULD'VE TOLD THE MANAGER ALL ABOUT YOUR ALLERGY!!" He then runs off the stage crying like a baby.

A few days later this story happened to be a viral hit on youtube with the total views of: 76 million views! Kalyn got even more famous and was even put as a world record for the most views on youtube, we tried to interview him too, but failed since he rejected us. THE END

Task Description: Today in this task Room 7 have been planning on creating a fun story to post on our blogs. We first filled out a form and then once we finished filling it out Mr Goodwin randomly chose what we had to write about, we had no idea whose idea we had since it was randomly picked. It was so much fun, I made my story a little short but enjoy!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Symmetry: Shapes

WALT: Recognise Shapes And Sides.

Task Description: Today for this task I have been told to mirror the shape that we are given in this presentation. It was pretty hard to mirror the shapes because we had to mirror it with the line tool.