Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Week 8 problem solving

WALT:  solve multi/div problems by doubling of halving
WALT: Confidently explain 10. 100. 1000 multi/div problems using place value in our reasoning.

Task Description:  Today I did my problem solving week 8. It was a bit hard to do division but I got through it.

Pt England describing a setting

I see fluffy clouds floating in the air and I see a really bright sunshine. I smell the fresh air flowing around the place and I taste the little raindrops falling into my mouth. Pt England is not an ecosanctuary place this means that there are predators in this place. This is a beautiful environment.

Maui and the giant fish voiceover

This is the story of Maui and the giant fish. One day Maui was starving to eat some  food so he grabbed his waka and set sail to find a perfect spot to fish. Soon after he found his spot so he threw out his hook and waited for a while. After a few minutes later he felt the rope pulling him so he pulled and pulled  and up came a giant fish. About 3 thousand years that fish became New Zealand. This story links to the environment because it tells us how new Zealand was made and because if we didn't have enough we would have to share the food out equally.