Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Great Escape: Suicidal Awareness In NZ

WARNING: This text shares high information about a very sensitive topic.

About 2 weeks ago, I had a visit to the panmure community hall to watch a small production called 
' The Great Escape.'

This production had focused on suicidal awareness and I was amazed to hear that every 67 hours a young teen would take there life! Every 67 hours!

It had focused on true stories of teenagers and what they had overcome towards the darkness and also what saved them.

The stories in this play truly brought me to tears. Seeing how these people had suffered, seeing how they had no-one to reach out to. It's really sad knowing that there are more people out here in New Zealand that are suffering from
these kind of things too!

Seeing how they could only think about what they had looked like or what was happening on the outside was shocking!

Our scenes had mostly focused on a recreation of real people and their stories, after some scenes would finish, there would be some short videos sensoring that this is what they had really gone through.

They had talked about self harm, and what there mind would be telling them and this was all because of the anxiety that had overstressed them!

Honestly, this play had a lot of sadness. I really had no idea how to explain what was going on.

Before the end of the play had arrived, I had cried a few more tears as the motto of the whole play was:

" The lord is your light, follow him and your path to success will roll. Your darkness will run, just as long as you believe in him. "

I honestly loved how it ended, and it had also come to the end where some would voulenteer to say a big prayer, signalling that all would possibly carry the lord in their heart.

These true stories had totally uplifted how I could see the world. I could see that it was suffering from many things. Even bigger than suicide.

Hopefully they make another play, focusing on another topic, I really loved this one!

Friday, 7 June 2019

Show Don't Tell - Presentation

WALT: Use imagery to add depth to our writing

Task Description: In this task, I have done a little more indepth of show don't tell. This is another imagery of it.

Information Report #2: Literacy

                                               Information Report Plan

Topic of Information Report: South Korea, a little report for those who don’t know much about it.
Title: South Korea

South Korea is a country found east of the continent Asia.

Language: Korean (Hanguk)

Population: 51.34 Million

South Korea’s music is well known worldwide. This music genre is K-Pop. K-pop is a considered worldwide genre that became big in the 90’s to the 2000’s. Along with K-pop it was well known for it’s love of R&B, Hip-Hop, and also Reggae.
Key facts and information to include:
K-pop had suffered a lot of criticising.

In 2012 Gangnam Style (A song from PSY) had become it’s well known song.

Because K pop became popular worldwide people around the world started learning more about K culture

Topic Sentence: Food is very important in South Korea. From it’s most popular foods like Kimchi (A spicy cabbage dish), Bibimbap (A rice dish with various seasoned vegetables), and also Japchae (A kind of Stir Fry with noodles). It had also been well known for it’s amazing street food markets.

Key facts and information to include:
Hotteok (A sweet Pancake) is their popular street food aside with Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)
Topic Sentence: Seoul is the capital of South Korea. This capital is very popular and has had a amazing number of 13.5 million foreign tourists that visit each year!

Key facts and information to include:
It’s well known torist place is Gyeonbokgung. A palace in Seoul.
The N Seoul Tower had been well known for giving a good glance at Seouls greatest views too.

Information Report: Literacy

New Zealand is a country found on the north, east side of australasia. It’s native languages are, english, sign language, and also maori. It’s population also consists of 4.7 million.

It’s wildlife is amazing! They have a native bird called the kiwi, that now said to be endangered due to many hunters, hunting them for feathers and also food. They also had a extinct bird called the moa, which can be found as a sculpture in the museum of Auckland and many others.
Key Facts and Information:
The spotted kiwi became extinct in 1930
Moa became extinct in 1300 AD
New Zealand is proudfully engaged in food. The people have a lot of love for their seafood, like mussels, kina, and fish. They also have a well known dish called boil up, which consists of cabbage, meat, kumara, pumpkin, and all sorts. All these multi-cultural dishes are loved.
Key Facts and Information:
Alot of boil up dishes have a variety of different tastes and looks.
Seafood boil up is also a consistent dish of New Zealand people.

It’s history story is fascinating! The story of Te Tiriti O Waitangi (Formally known as The Treaty Of Waitangi) is the country’s popular story sharing the fact of a peace signing of the europeans and the maori. The treaty was said to be signed in 1840, both having a english version and a maori version.
Key Facts and Information:
 1845 - 1872 the Maori fought the world war.

Overall, New Zealand is a great place. From it’s wonderful people, Food, and heaps others.

Show Don't Tell - Literacy Work

Show Don’t Tell

It was terrifying. The loud gunshots blew my mind as many bodies suffered to the ground, crimson red blood gushing from their wounds.

I myself was impaired. There were alot of gun wounds around my hips. This wasn’t what I signed up for at all. A loud crash echoes through my suffering ears, another person shot.

Guilt raided through my body, I felt sorry for these people. I remember a soldier telling me last night about his kid who sent him about more than 100 letters saying he missed him. My eyes dissolve into tears, I weeped but the only thing heard were gunshots, they muted my disfigured cries for help.

That’s when my cries had been done for. My ears rang. My breath hitched. Was this the end? My body lay there lifeless. The only last thing I had saw was a poppy. It was very appealing. As I took my last breath, I mumbled “ Lest we forget. “

Task Description: In this writing task, we had been learning to show not tell. Show not tell is another way of saying having more detail. We had to put more detail into a message, letter, or something involved with the war. Here is my story.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

What is a information report?

Today, we had learnt what is so important about information reports. We had to use our information and put them onto cards.

The cards represent information we know about information reports. Then after we structured them together, putting relatable contents together.

A information report is a article that shares infomation about a certain topic or story (Particularly from the news. )

Sometimes a information report is boring. This informs for you to find something your interested in. ( Eg. Animals, Pop-Stars, News Updates )

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Peach Scents ; Romance Genre (On-going)

Intro; Leaving Paradise

“ You’re leaving me? “ Taehyung cries in pain as his love stands there iritatted.

“ Just go! We can’t do this anymore Tae! We keep hurting each other! “ Faith roars in anger as Tae just stands there, unable to hold his tears back.

“ But it was our anniversary… “ Tae mumbles as Faith leaves.

They never spoke to each other since then. Both lovers numbers blocked. Both text messages deleted. Never again to be spoken to.

Chapter 1: Painful Strawberry Scent

Years had past, Taehyung had moved back to his hometown Daegu and had sworn he’d never find love again. He walks past the closed shops, the sunlight shining on his milky skin. “ What a lovely morn- “ Tae gets pushed over, knees getting scraped on the curb. A petite lady hovers over him, head tilted. The lady slowly kneels down, “ Taehyung? “ Tae opens his eyes, pain still stinging in his knees. His breath hitches as he slowly gasps 

“ F-Faith? Why are you here? “ He gets up, dusting himself off. Another figure stands next to Faith, “ Hey! Who are you? Stop talking to my girlfriend creep! “ the figure brushes past Taehyung, dragging Faith with him. ‘ She still smells like Strawberry’s… ‘

Had this been what he was waiting for? He needed to move on. It had been far to long since he last smiled. What was the lord punishing him for?

To be continued….